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Glamorise Embroidered MagicLift Full Figure Support Bra (Women's)

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  • Glamorise Embroidered MagicLift Full Figure Support Bra Taupe Taupe
  • Glamorise Embroidered MagicLift Full Figure Support Bra White White
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  • 32DD
  • 34B
  • 36B
  • 38B
  • 40B
  • 42B
  • 46B
  • 48B
  • 50B
  • 36C
  • 38C
  • 40C
  • 42C
  • 44C
  • 46C
  • 48C
  • 50C
  • 52C
  • 54C
  • 56C
  • 38D
  • 40D
  • 42D
  • 44D
  • 46D
  • 48D
  • 50D
  • 52D
  • 54D
  • 56D
  • 38DD
  • 40DD
  • 42DD
  • 44DD
  • 46DD
  • 48DD
  • 50DD
  • 52DD
  • 54DD
  • 56DD
  • 36F
  • 38F
  • 42F
  • 44F
  • 46F
  • 48F
  • 50F
  • 52F
  • 38G
  • 40G
  • 42G
  • 44G
  • 46G
  • 48G
  • 50G
  • 52G
  • 56G
  • 38H
  • 40H
  • 42H
  • 44H
  • 46H
  • 48H
  • 50H
  • 54H
  • 56H
  • 40I
  • 42I
  • 44I
  • 46I
  • 48I
  • 50I
  • 54I
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Beautiful embroidery in the upper cups gives this MagicLift® bra a stunning look. The inner cushioned bust band of the MagicLift® design provides uplift, bust definition, support and comfort. Wide and cushioned straps pamper your shoulders. The strap adjustments in the back and the adjustable hook and eye closure guarantee a perfect fit.
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Size Chart

32DD 32DD
34B 34B
36B 36B
38B 38B
40B 40B
42B 42B
44B 44B
46B 46B
48B 48B
50B 50B
36C 36C
38C 38C
40C 40C
42C 42C
44C 44C
46C 46C
48C 48C
50C 50C
52C 52C
54C 54C
56C 56C
36D 36D
38D 38D
40D 40D
42D 42D
44D 44D
46D 46D
48D 48D
50D 50D
52D 52D
54D 54D
56D 56D
36DD 36DD
38DD 38DD
40DD 40DD
42DD 42DD
44DD 44DD
46DD 46DD
48DD 48DD
50DD 50DD
52DD 52DD
54DD 54DD
56DD 56DD
36F 36F
38F 38F
40F 40F
42F 42F
44F 44F
46F 46F
48F 48F
50F 50F
52F 52F
54F 54F
56F 56F
38G 38G
40G 40G
42G 42G
44G 44G
46G 46G
48G 48G
50G 50G
52G 52G
54G 54G
56G 56G
38H 38H
40H 40H
42H 42H
44H 44H
46H 46H
48H 48H
50H 50H
52H 52H
54H 54H
56H 56H
38I 38I
40I 40I
42I 42I
44I 44I
46I 46I
48I 48I
50I 50I
52I 52I
54I 54I
56I 56I



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