dr scholl's madison

Versatile and comfortable, this sleek and simple slip-on has breathable microfiber, a perforated upper and flexible midsole. Wear it with wide-leg crop pants or casual, light-wash denim.

dr scholl's madison


Dr. Scholl's American LifeStyle Collection
Everyday faves. Crazy-good style. Take your look to the next level of style and comfort in shoes from the Dr. Scholl's® Shoes American Lifestyle Collection. Sporty and sleek, these effortless sneakers, boots, sandals, and more keep you moving all day, every day with innovative comfort and standout design. Find your new favorite shoe with styles from the Dr. Scholl's® shoes American Lifestyle Collection.

Dr. Scholl's Original Collection
Chic style. Luxe materials. Good vibes. Get obsession-worthy style and comfort with eco-conscious shoes from the Dr. Scholl's® Shoes Original Collection. The perfect harmony of fashion and function, these sneakers, boots, sandals, and more are at the forefront of comfort technology and modern design, crafted with sustainable materials that show the Earth some love. Discover the epitome of effortless luxe in go-to styles with crazy-good vibes from the Dr. Scholl's® Shoes Original Collection.

Dr. Scholl's
Everything Dr. Scholl’s Shoes does, they do with heart. That’s why they’re all about making shoes that not only look and feel good, but do good too. Simply put, they make great shoes with style and comfort for days, using sustainable elements that show the Earth some love. Because fashion and function have always been their thing.

Back in the '60s, their OG founder Dr. William Scholl changed the game with a wooden sandal that sparked a fashion revolution. The now iconic Original Sandal has been a favorite for fashion's top influencers ever since, and it started a movement Dr. Scholl’s Shoes is super passionate about: crafting amazing shoes with insane comfort that keep the good vibes going. All. Day. Long. And now more than ever, Dr. Scholl’s Shoes is determined to do its part—by making shoes in a whole new, more eco-conscious way. Because they love the Earth (a lot). From sustainable materials to reduced packaging and streamlined manufacturing, it’s a commitment that drives everything they do. Dr. Scholl's Shoes is doing what they love so you can do more of what you love. And it’s just the beginning.