The Blondo name is synonymous with quality, refinement and comfort. This reputation has been built with passionate people that put together their expertise, their knowledge and their creativity to develop footwear products that consumers will really enjoy wearing. Whether with the choice of materials, style or construction quality, Blondo has the ultimate goal of creating footwear that will bring pleasure to walk and move to its customers. For that reason, leathers are carefully selected for their texture and suppleness. Soles are developed to offer flexibility, adherence and durability. Only the most beautiful waterproof leathers are selected. All boots and shoes from this collection are labeled AquaProtect®, which provides superior overall efficiency factor against water infiltration and the harmful effects of salt. Their commitment to their clientele is transmitted through the production of top-of-the-line products at very reasonable prices. They believe that quality must be accessible to the greatest number of consumers. At Blondo's, relationships based on trust and long-term relationships are the core of their management. That is why Blondo is part of a loyal clientele for a hundred years. At Blondo's, taking care of your feet with style and comfort, is their passion!