In the early 1980's, the Basu family of India founded a company which would hand paint accessories...Each piece 'like no other'. We like to say that our products are wearable art, as each piece is carefully and individually produced. Our paints are carefully mixed each day, then layered to create the beautiful depth of background ...then the final design is added. No product leaves the factory until it is inspected by the owner. The signature 'ANUSCHKA' does not go on the bag until the handbag meets with his approval. Our products are made of fine cowhide.. Each item is fully lined. We pay careful attention to the little details: each handbag comes with a key fob, and a cellphone compartment. Each item has custom made zippers and hardware. The art is created by Roma Basu and her son Bhaskar Basu. Today there are over 30 artists who carefully craft our products under their guidance. Our products are wonderfully durable. Wear and time give them a beautiful patina. They are truly 'like no other'.