ANNA by Anuschka

The original hand painted handbags- Anuschka, a Basu family creation since 1988 has been the choice of quality conscious handbag connoisseurs across the world. Now, The Basu Group has launched a new brand called ANNA by Anuschka. ANNA will be the company's "affordable luxury" collection. With ANNA, Anuschka has allowed its creative team to build on the family's traditional values and embrace the creativity of junior artisans to create a collection that focuses on clean, functional shapes and classic art. ANNA's artwork focuses on the elements close to a woman's heart. From butterflies to flowers, from peacock feathers to animal prints- ANNA allows the artisans to explore their creativity and express their love for the art through the handbags. Bhaskar Basu, designer and president of Anuschka Handbags, believes that in the world of art one must appreciate the new artists as well as the legendary ones like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. ANNA by Anuschka allows its young and upcoming artisans an opportunity to grow their senses for art, color and creativity while practicing the traditions of the Basu Family from the leather to the finished painted handbag. Every ANNA by Anuschka is signed by a member of the family, staying true to a Basu/Anuschka tradition reflecting the family's commitment towards artisans, quality, integrity, value and the pride with which they present every collection.