Altama Footwear

Altama was founded in 1969 in Darien, Georgia. Originally a children's shoe company, the facility was converted to manufacture olive drab jungle boots for US Soldiers serving in Vietnam. Since 1969, Altama has been a leading manufacturer of Mil-Spec boots for the US Department of Defense, supplying to thousands of military personnel worldwide. In addition to the US Military, Altama markets and distributes its products to federal, state and local agencies, military schools, police, Special Forces, uniform shops and Army/Navy retailers. In 1991, following Desert Storm, Altama developed a line of high performance combat boots for civilian use with the traditional Panama sole. In 2003, Altama began manufacturing Original Ripple Sole Boots and was the first company to make them available for civilian use. Altama's Hoplite® series, introduced in 2008, was developed as core equipment for the modern day hoplite; the American warrior. Altama then introduced the sage color allowing Altama to reach the United States Air Force. The LITESpeed, EXOSpeed II and Ortho-TacX® Series were then developed with some of the most technical and high end materials on the market today. In 2009, Altama launched the Panamoc® series, a line of footwear designed to appeal to the men and women in the military service branches. These shoes are built for maximum comfort in times when boots aren't required or for after duty wear. The Cadet Series was introduced in 2010 as a line of kid's boots featuring the popular ripple sole in the military Army, Marine and Air Force colors. For over 40 consecutive years, Altama has carried America's military through the jungles, in the desert and over the mountains. Altama's strong commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent quality in every pair of boots has earned the respect of men and women around the world.